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Tips To Keep Your House and Yourself Cool In The Summer

tips to keep your house and yourself cool in the summer

Tips To Keep Your House and Yourself Cool In The Summer

As summer stretches on, you might start to pray for the arrival of cool breezes and a bit less time out in the hot sun. And sometimes it’s so hot outside that the inside of your home provides little relief from the heat, and you’re tempted to blast the AC so that you’re not sweating all day! Before you reach for that thermostat and cause your energy bill to skyrocket, here are some tips to keep your household cool and comfortable without having to crank up the AC!

Close The Blinds and Block Out The Heat

You’d be surprised by how much heat can come through your windows! So when you want to cool down your house a bit, close your blinds and pull in the curtains to block out that hot Texas sun! For even more protection, you can get the heat-reducing film to the windows as well.

Get Some Fans

If you have a ceiling fan or any portable box fans in your house, bring them out so that you can circulate the air! While fans don’t make cool air, they do move around the still air in your rooms and get a breeze going so it can feel a bit cooler! Invest in installing more ceiling fans throughout your house so that you can save some money on your energy bills!

Drink Plenty of Water

Staying hydrated naturally helps out bodies cool down, so instead of blasting the AC, reach for a glass of ice-cold water to stay cool!

Get Lighter Bedding

If your bedroom has been unbearably hot at night and you’ve been having trouble getting to sleep because of it, then it might be time to swap out the big duvet for a lighter blanket. While thick, cozy bedding might be comfortable in the winter months, during the summer it can make your already hot room feel like it’s boiling! So put the duvet away until it cools down a bit outside so that you don’t end up sweating every night!

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If your house is still unbearably hot even after using these easy tips, your AC system might be in need of some serious repair.

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