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The Benefits of a Heater Inspection

benefits of inspection

The Benefits of a Heater Inspection

Now is the time to call us and schedule an annual heater inspection. You rely on the heater to keep your home comfortable throughout the winter. One of the worst things that could happen is a breakdown when the weather is freezing outside. We can help prevent this by inspecting your heater and making any necessary repairs now before the problems get bigger. Let’s talk more about this below.

Keeps You Safe

If you have a gas heater, an annual inspection ensures that it is not leaking carbon monoxide. If you have an electric heater, an annual inspection ensures that there aren’t any electrical problems. Heating your home can only be safe if your heater is maintained. A heater that is ignored can develop issues that can be harmful to your family and your home. For example, a gas heater that leaks carbon monoxide.

An annual inspection allows us to inspect the heater thoroughly to make sure nothing is leaking, shorting, or otherwise opening you up to a dangerous situation. We can check every facet of the heater – every part – to make sure the heater will run safely each time it turns on. The inspection gives you the peace of mind that your heater is not a fire, gas, electrical, or other hazard throughout the winter.

Saves You Money

An annual heater inspection also saves you money. Yes, you pay for the inspection, but the cost is reasonable and helps you avoid expensive repairs later on. As we mentioned above, we inspect every part of the heater to make sure nothing needs to be replaced. For example, if the heater has a malfunctioning thermostat relay switch, we can replace it now before it causes the heater to die.

In addition to saving you money on expensive heater repairs, we also make certain that your heater is running as efficiently as possible. This keeps your heating bill as low as it can be. Obviously, you are going to pay more for gas or electricity when the heater is running, but an inefficient heater will cycle on and off more often and increase your bill. An efficient heater will cycle only when necessary.

This saves you money each month; the heater inspection pays for itself. Call us today if you would like to schedule a heater inspection for your heater. We will make sure your heater is safe, efficient, and reliable all winter long.

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