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Signs My Heater Is About to Break Down

signs my heater

Signs My Heater Is About to Break Down

Many people love the cool weather in the fall. This doesn’t mean that they don’t run their heaters to take the chill out of the indoor air. If you are one such person and you notice any of the problems listed below, your heater is on the verge of breaking down. Call us right away.

No Heat

Naturally, when the heater blows air out of the vents, this air should be warm. If the air is cold and the heater runs constantly in an effort to heat the home, the heater is breaking down. We will inspect your heater to find out why it is blowing cold air. Then, we will fix it. The most common reasons why a heater blows cold air include a clogged air filter, a faulty flame detector, or a faulty pilot light.

Speaking of the Pilot Light

If you check the pilot light and see a bunch of yellow in the blue flames, your heater has a gas leak. The pilot light flame should always be blue. Yellow is a sign of excess gas in the flame. Unfortunately, this can make staying in your home dangerous as you may inhale carbon monoxide. This is why we recommend you grab the kids and your pets and get out of the home until we can find the gas leak.

Strange Heater Noises

The heater will make noise when it runs, but this noise should never be strange, like squealing or banging. If your heater sounds different from how it normally sounds, we recommend that you turn off the heater right away, even if the noise isn’t that bad. This can be a sign that there is a part inside the heater that is not working properly, and continuing to run the heater could damage it further.

Unpleasant Smells

Another thing you never want your heater to do is to release strange odors. These unpleasant odors can be an indication that you have a natural gas leak around the heater or a problem with the heater. As with the strange sounds, turn off your heater immediately if it is releasing unpleasant odors.

Cycling/Increased Bill

Finally, as we mentioned above, the heater may run more often than it normally does if it is unable to heat the home efficiently. This constant cycling on and off will increase your heating bill. In fact, you may be shocked at how much more expensive your bill will get if the heater is running inefficiently.

Call us right away if you are having any of the problems discussed above. We would be happy to repair your heater so you can count on it this winter.

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