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Signs My Duct Work Has Tears in It

signs my ductwork

Signs My Duct Work Has Tears in It

If your ductwork has never been cleaned or inspected, it could have tears in it. It’s important to have the ducts cleaned annually to every three years to make sure they are not harming your indoor air. In some cases, the ducts can end up torn or detach from the air conditioning and heating system. When this happens, you will notice the following problems. Do not worry. We can remove the damaged air ducts and replace them with new ones to restore your heating and cooling efficiency.

Excess Dust

If you have holes in your air ducts, there is nothing to keep the dust and dirt out of them. Consequently, you may notice that your house is much dustier than it normally is. No matter how many times you dust, the grime returns on the furniture and flooring in no time. This is a sign that the air ducts are damaged. The dust makes its way into the air ducts and the ducts blow the dust out of the air vents throughout your home. You will even be able to see the dust floating in the air.

Constant Cycling

Another sign that your air ducts are damaged is the constant cycling of the air conditioner or heater. Your air duct system has a duct that runs from the AC/heating unit to each air vent in your home. When everything is a-okay and operating as it should, your home will reach your desired temperature quickly and the unit will shut off. If there is a problem with the airflow out of one or more of the vents – we will talk more about this next – the unit will struggle to maintain the set temperature and cycle frequently.

Poor Airflow

The best way to tell if your air ducts have holes in them is to feel the airflow out of the vents in each room while the AC or heater is running. You should feel a solid airflow that is rather forceful. If any of the vents have a weak airflow or no airflow at all, the duct going to that vent is either torn or clogged. You will also notice a temperature difference in that room. In the summer, that room will be much hotter than the other rooms in the house. In the winter, it will be much colder.

Finally, all of the above are going to increase your air conditioning/heating bill exponentially. If your utility bills have spiked, give us a call because you may have torn air ducting.

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