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Can Box Fans Make a Room Hotter?

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Can Box Fans Make a Room Hotter?

Even though the summer is winding down, the heat might still be persisting in your home! And for a lot of households, staying cool is a must, but not at the expense of a higher energy bill every month, which leads to relying on ceiling fans and box fans. But after using these things, box fans especially, you might begin to notice that they don’t feel like they’re making your room any cooler, to the point where you might be wondering if they’re actually causing more heat in the space! So to know how to best keep your space cool and comfortable, keep reading to learn more about how your box fans can affect a room’s temperature.

Can Fans Affect a Room’s Temperature?

Fans serve to circulate air in a space, and while the airflow can make you feel a bit cooler, it doesn’t serve to change the temperature in any significant way. And sometimes when a room is so hot, it can just feel like your fan is blowing hot air right back onto you! So when trying to keep cool with just a box fan, there are some tips you can use to ensure you’re getting more cool air into the space.

How You Can Use a Fan to Cool Down a Room

Because fans just circulate the already existing air in a room rather than make that air cooler, they could use some extra help to make you cool down significantly. If you have a box fan, try setting it in front of a window or an air vent that’s blowing cool air to let it circulate further. Additionally, you can set a bowl or a cooler full of ice in front of your box fan for a cheap and easy AC solution!

If Your Home Has Been Excessively Hot, Call a Professional

If you’ve been noticing your home has been getting hotter and hotter even though you’re turning up the AC, or if certain rooms in your house are always hotter than others, then it might be time to schedule an appointment for HVAC repair. And for the best HVAC repair experts in the area, call Rockwall One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating Today!

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